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Executive Search

Top organisations in industries across the board are constantly looking for talented, experienced and credible individuals to fill executive positions. These organisations may be nonprofits, charitable organizations, private companies or public companies. They are required to have a vision, plan strategically and formulate strategies and solutions.
Although some companies handle the recruiting process internally, more and more organisations rely on the professional services of an executive search firm. These companies have extensive networking connections and are familiar with the particular field. They interview candidates before presenting them to clients to ensure the right fit for the client and the candidate.
CNA has a market leading approach to identifying potential candidates through executive search. Once we determine that an individual is both qualified and interested in the role, we undertake extensive evaluation utilising our trade marked Candidate Aspiration Based Search (CABS) methodology.

Interim Management

Interim Managers are fast becoming an essential option for many organisations, their expedient deployment and varied experiences allow your business to tap in to an extensive knowledge base quickly.
They often provide a fresh approach and new ideas at a critical moment in a company’s life cycle.
At CNA Interim we specialise in identifying highly skilled professional executives to support your business at the time when you need them most, whatever your challenge you can be assured of our ability to identify and deliver the expertise your business needs.


We help our clients to develop the parameters for an assignment (including business case input if useful), ensuring the interims we approach will have suitable experience and track-record to successfully achieve the agreed objectives.
Drawing rapidly from our database, our extensive network and other resources available to us as part of the biggest privately held UK recruitment group, we’ll assess those interims we feel offer a good fit and are available to commence the assignment as required and then present the best solutions.
Once the client is satisfied with our successful interim, we help our them to agree terms and initiate the onboarding process. Our terms of business are competitive, and the methodology straight-forward both with client and interim therefore meaning that a solution can be put in place quickly and effectively.

Advisory Practice

The CNA International human resource Consulting Service compliments our Retained Executive Search Service and includes the use of business evaluation & assessment tools, coaching and leadership mentoring that delivers best in class employee management and attraction behaviours.
When you engage CNA International Executive Search to act on your company’s behalf, you are leveraging a remarkable insight into your sector.
Moving in the same circles and talking the same language as individuals and teams that will be of interest to you! In truth we have immersed ourselves into professional communities so deeply that CNA are a valued resource for industry knowledge, company updates and are also active through our other social networking media activities on LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and more…
Our Consultants are all trained to the same exacting standards in order to ensure that each client assignment is delivered to the highest standards, every time! In line with all leading search organisations CNA follow a talent positive Executive Search process, however we like to go further and utilise a number of specialist tools and approaches.

Scope of the offer:

  • Career transition
  • Change management
  • Coaching
  • Development Centres
  • HR audits
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • Succession planning
  • Talent assessment
  • Talent development


CNA use a unique Methodology known as CABS® (Candidate Aspiration Based Search) to ensure that candidates and clients are the right match for one another.

Concerns – Why would the move?

  • Career Path
  • Earnings (now and potential)
  • Family Needs

Aspirations – Positive Wants

  • Future Role
  • Possible Relocation
  • Family
  • Recognition/Contribution

Business Insight – Concerns about Current Company

  • Company Performance
  • Their Boss
  • Why Did They Join? What’s Changed?
  • Training/Development

Strengths – Transferable Skills

  • Manager
  • Technology/Skill
  • Team Player /Self Starter
  • Measurable Achievements

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