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IT & Technology


We are a team of high-class recruiters with over ten years of experience in IT consulting and countless cases of successful staffing solutions across our careers. We understand that Information Technology plays a major role in a company’s performance and competitiveness and that having the right IT team is crucial for a business. IT teams are meant to grow and innovate and we have built up our reputation by helping them accomplish this time and time again. Whether it’s an assignment to seek out a specialist dealing in familiar technologies such as C# or JavaScript or the rarest of technologies such as MPLS, we’re always up to the task; in fact, we thrive in the most difficult of projects.
We got fed up with the weak approach and results that the IT recruitment market was associated with in the past (CV spamming, weak tech expertise, lack of accountability and business ethics, etc). Simply put, we fix that by building a fresh approach with high standards to provide high-class solutions to our clients through:
  • Worldwide Recruitment of IT Specialists
  • Establishment of Branch Offices
  • Recruitment Process Outstaffing
  • Software Development Outsourcing & Outstaffing
  • HR Consulting & Employer Branding
  • Salary & Labour Market Surveys
  • Relocation Services
  • Personal Development Analysis
  • Franchise Business Model