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Taislia Mliuzan

Taisiia Mliuzan

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+380 4433 70985
Taisiia Mliuzan is a high-class recruitment specialist with more than 8 years of involvement into IT-sphere being on short terms with technical, fast-paced environment, possessing firm knowledge at Software, Information Technology and Hardware Methodologies. Taisiia and her team are able to fill deadline vacancies with minimum probation failing of employees in such areas as Java, .Net, C++, iOS, Android, Embedded, php, front-end, web-design and others, having own database of developers with more than 50000 actual profiles. Besides extensive recruitment experience, Taisiia has as well deep HR-management knowledge, being certified as possessing leadership tools for managing change and mastering her HR-manager skills during the process of HR-strategy development from scratch, hiring, adaptation, motivation, evaluation and training the IT-company staff (4 offices incl. 1 international, 80 employees). The management of several projects simultaneously and participation in sales and company strategic planning have helped Taisiia to become a business-oriented manager and get vitally important recruitment and leadership skills for the position of Country Manager at CNA International. Taisiia and her excellent team of recruiters are spreading the net of the best recruiters from the CIS, who will fill positions under a single brand – CNA International. Since helping people to find their talents is not simply Taisiia’s profession, rather it is her passion and a great source of inspiration.